Sample Cover Letter: Facilities Management

Here’s a sample cover letter for you to use as a guide.

This sample cover letter is provided courtesy of Great Resumes Fast.

Remember, your cover letter should highlight what separates you from other jobseekers and tell your unique story. 

Use this sample cover letter to give you ideas of what to include in your cover letter, but don’t copy this cover letter verbatim. 

Why are Cover Letters Important?

Including a cover letter with your resume is important for three reasons: 

  1. To demonstrate that you understand the hiring process and can convey a professional image. 
  2. To generate enough interest in you to cause an employer to take the time to read your more detailed resume. 
  3. To highlight a key qualification or accomplish that you possess which was called out in the requirements for the position you are seeking.  By highlighting how you meet an employer’s requirements in your cover letter, you immediately begin to establish yourself as a qualified candidate for the job.

Sample Cover Letter


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